Glass shower enclosures in Scarborough Ontario

Top 5 Considerations for Buying Glass Shower Enclosures or Doors

Installing a glass shower door or glass shower enclosure is an excellent way to add style and functionality to any bathroom. While shower curtains look stylish and do the job, a door or enclosure will give you a better-defined space and minimize the spillage from your shower stall. Moreover, it will instantly increase the value of your Scarborough home; an important consideration if you are renovating for the purpose of listing your property for sale on the market.

For any bathroom renovation project, you will have to consider certain factors, such as the space available, the theme of your remodelling project, required functionality, and of course, your budget. After all, you do not want to be stuck with a shower glass door that opens up in the wrong direction, or an enclosure that looks like a misfit in your sleek, contemporary-style renovated bathroom.

Which Glass Shower Enclosure or Door Suits Your Bathroom?
Top 5 Aspects to Consider
From the thickness of the glass, to the type of door frame, you have a range of options within glass shower enclosures and glass shower doors for your Scarborough home. Here are some aspects that will help you make the right choice.

1. Types of Doors: Factor in the appearance, cost, theme and maintenance requirements of each type of door.

  • Frameless doors made from thick, tempered glass offer a seamless look, which is ideal for highlighting the fixtures and tile work in a modern bathroom.
  • If budget is a constraint, you can opt for semi-frameless doors that almost mimic the look of frameless doors.
  • For a traditional-themed bathroom, install framed doors to create an attractive, accentuated space.

2. Variations in Door Openings: If your shower stall is narrow or in a corner, go for neo-angle or pivot-hinged doors that swing open into the shower enclosure by 180 to 360 degrees. An outward swinging door will need to have clearance to toilets and sinks, whereas an inward swinging door will make cleaning and upkeep easier. However, if the available space does not allow for hinged doors, or if you have a fairly large shower stall, sliding doors will look and work better.

3. Glass Thickness: Glass shower doors are made from strong, durable tempered glass, with thickness ranging from 5/32” to 1/2”. While thicker is usually better, it may not always work within your space. For example, a 1/2” thickness in a framed glass door may look attractive, but its weight may require extra support in the wall and hinges, which may be dependent on the position of your shower stall.

4. Options in Finishes: While selecting the finish for your glass shower enclosure or door, keep in mind the usage and maintenance requirements, as well as the style statement you wish to make.

  • Choose from a range of finishes, including etched, patterned, frosted, clear, colored and more.
  • For a tighter budget, traditional, clear glass may be the most suitable option. There are several other cheaper, light-weight doors available in the market. However, they may need special care to avoid scratching. You may also need to invest in specific cleaning products to prevent discoloration, which could occur due to the mineral content in the water. 
  • Shower glass also comes in surface-treated variants that typically repel water and oil and are resistant to UV exposure, a useful feature for sun-soaked bathrooms. Treated glass doors are easy-to-maintain and industry-leading brands come with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturers.

5. Manufacturers and Installers: With access to online reviews and customer testimonials, it should not be difficult to separate the best from the rest. Do your research and go for brands and installers that offer quality products, reliable installation services, and trusted warranties.

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