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5 Tips to Save Energy on Commercial and Residential Windows

Energy efficiency involves more than just turning off the lights and using better insulation. In fact, a lot of the energy you lose in your home or office is the result of under-performing windows. Outdated windows lack the energy-efficient properties necessary to lower your consumption.

Also, improper installation of your home and office windows can lead to air transfer, heat loss, and excessive heating and cooling costs. If you are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office, consider the

performance of your windows first.

Tips for Maximizing Energy Efficiency at Home and in the Commercial Setting

Energy efficient windows are ideal for giving you more natural light and space heating. While traditional and old windows may offer good ventilation, light, and warmth, they likely have an adverse effect on your commercial and residential efficiency.

To reduce energy costs, install windows that are energy efficient in your home or office. Even if you have a tight budget, upgrades to your windows will save on heating and cooling, and eventually, pay for themselves over time.

To maximize the energy efficiency of your home or office windows, here are a few tips to consider:
  • Performance Ratings: Always review the energy performance ratings of the windows you are considering. LEED rating systems apply toall new construction and major renovations for commercial buildings. For residential homes, review the performance rating of your window. You may require a higher performance depending on the area where your home is located.
  • Proper Installation is Key: Energy efficient windows need professional glass installation in your Scarboroughhome. They must be installed with the Low-E coatings reflecting the sunlight naturally, and the seals must be properly installed to avoid air transfer. Regardless of the energy rating, if your windows are not installed correctly, you will not maximize the savings they are designed to deliver.
  • Revolving Glass Doors: While window replacements are critical, so arethe entry points to your business. While considering window replacement in Scarborough, consider installing revolving glass doors to your business as well. This ensures that your entrance andexit points are closed regardless of how much foot traffic you receive throughout the day.
  • Use LEED Rated Storefront Glass: Storefronts with large glass windows need to find ways to maximize energy efficiency too. Use only LEED certified windows for your storefront and hire professional installers to save on your heating costs, while still allowing customers to “window shop” your location.
  • Repair Damage Immediately: If you have any damage to your windows, whether from an accident or storm, you must have thatglass fixed quickly. Cracks and chips lower the efficiency of your windows;therefore, you cannot risk leaving them in place.

Contact a Professional for Glass Installation in Scarborough Homes or Offices

Whether you are looking to maximize the efficiency of your retail location or you want to improve heating and cooling costs at home, Ace Glass is here to help. Our team offers a variety of energy-efficient and LEED-certified
windows for the commercial and residential setting. We also offer immediate window repairs after storms and accidents.

If you are not sure which windows work best for your location, give us a call, and a specialist will provide you with a no-obligation estimate. We can help you find the right windows based on your budget and energy

Schedule an estimate with one of our consultants today or request your professional glass installation in Scarborough by calling 416-752-6370. You can also request more information online.
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